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Constitution of the Pot Bellied Pigs RFC

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References to the “Club” in the Constitution shall mean The Pot Bellied Pigs Rugby Football Club.

References to the “HKRFU” refer to the Hong Kong Rugby Football Union.

1 Objects

The objects and aims of the Club are to:

  1. Encourage, promote, participate in and provide opportunities for: -
    1. the playing of rugby union football outside Hong Kong;
    2. the playing of ad-hoc rugby union football within Hong Kong, s league, or its equivalent, if approved by the Officers of the Club in Committee;
    3. the introduction to and coaching of the local residents of Hong Kong and other developing Asian rugby nations in the game of rugby union football; and
    4. the playing of such other games or sport as the Officers of the Club in Committee may from time to time approve.
  2. Put the Pink back into rugby.
  3. Be affiliated with the HKRFU whilst affiliation is beneficial to the Club.
  4. Provide social entertainment and functions in the furtherance of the Objects.
  5. Provide for any matters incidental to the Objects.

2 Membership

  1. The membership of the Club shall consist of: -
    1. Inaugural Members, to be called the “Founding Fathers”, who shall be the persons recorded as present in the Minutes of the Meeting dated 5th June 2001;
    2. Ordinary Members who in the opinion of the Officers of the Club in Committee are fit and proper persons to admit to membership and who have paid their membership fee;
    3. Honorary Members who may be appointed by the Officers of the Club in Committee when it considers that it would be in the interests of the Club that such persons be made Honorary Members; and
    4. Life Members who upon the recommendation of the Officers of the Club may be appointed as such at any General Meeting of the Club by reason of having performed some meritorious service to the Club
    5. The Inaugural Members shall be entitled to two votes at any Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting of the Club at which they are present in person. 
    6. An application for Membership as an Ordinary Member shall be made, received and considered in such manner as the Officers of the Club in Committee may determine.
    7. An Honorary Member or a Life Member shall have no voice in the management of the Club unless he or she is also an Ordinary Member.

3 Subscriptions and Match Fees

  1. Inaugural and Ordinary Members shall pay an annual subscription of such amount as shall be decided by the members of the Club in General Meeting who may provide for a reduced annual subscription for students or persons under 18 years of age. 
  2. Subscriptions shall be due on the 1st January in every year, provided that Members shall have a three month period within which to settle payment. Dues will cover the period January 1 to December 31 each year.
  3. All Members shall pay a match fee for each match in which he or she plays at such rate determined by Officers of the Club in Committee.

4 Club Officials

  1. With the exception of the Office of President, and the position of Honorary President and Honorary Vice President which shall be agreed in Committee, the Officers of the Club shall be elected at every Annual General Meeting and each officer shall hold office until the election of a new officer at a subsequent General Meeting.
  2. A member may if so elected hold more than one office, but only one position on the Executive Committee.
  3. The ordinary rules of conduct at public meetings shall apply to the election of the Officers of the Club. In particular, where a member is proposed for office at a General Meeting at which he or she is unable to attend, written evidence must be presented at the meeting to show that the member is willing to hold that office should he or she be elected.
  4. The elected Officers shall promote, control and regulate the Objects and activities of the Club and shall form committees to carry out these tasks as follows:
    1. The Executive Committee comprising: The Chairman, the Secretary, the Club Captain and the Treasurer.
    2. The Club Committee comprising all the Officers of the Executive Committee plus : the Corporate Liaison Officer, the Social Secretary,
    3. the Fixtures Secretary, the Membership Secretary and the Overseas Development Officer
  5. The management of the funds and assets of the Club shall be vested in the Club Committee who shall be collectively responsible. However, the Executive Committee may be delegated sufficient power by the Club Committee so as to allow the efficient running of the Club between meetings of the Club Committee.
  6. The Officers of the Club shall meet in Committee each month but shall be permitted to revise the schedule so long as at least four meetings of the Club Committee take place within the period between two consecutive Annual General Meetings. Furthermore, additional meetings may be called at the request of two or more Officers of the Club.
  7. The quorum for the Committee Meetings shall be five and at any meeting the Committee members present may regulate their own procedure.
  8. The Club Committee may at any time co-opt two further members to either the Executive or Club Committees.
  9. In the absence of the Chairman, an Acting Chairman shall be elected from the other Officers of the Club.

5 Chairman

  1. In this rule “Chairman’ includes “Acting Chairman” on those occasions when the Chairman is unable to perform his or her duties.
  2. The Chairman shall:
    1. conduct business at all General Meetings and Committee Meetings and sign the minutes thereof at the time they are approved;
    2. have a casting vote at any General Meeting, Committee Meeting or other duly authorised meeting of the Club;
    3. prepare and deliver to the Annual General Meeting a report of the Club’s activities in the past year;
    4. supervise, manage and support the Officers of the Club to facilitate the smooth running of the business of the Club;
    5. attend functions on behalf of the Club: and
    6. represent the Club at any meetings of the HKRFU and serve on behalf of the Club on any HKRFU Committee to which he or she is elected.

6 President

  1. The President shall be a Member of and figurehead of the Club and shall act in the best interests of the Club and represent the Club as directed by the Club Committee. The President is an Officer of the Club but holds no appointment to any committee by virtue of being President.
  2. The Honorary President shall be a distinguished person who has demonstrated a long lasting commitment to the game of Rugby, has made an exemplary contribution to, and epitomizes the noble game and shall act in the best interests of the Club. The Honorary President is not an officer of the Club and holds no appointment to any committee by virtue of being Honorary President.
  3. The Vice Presidents shall be distinguished persons who have demonstrated a long lasting commitment to the Pot Bellied Pigs Rugby Football Club and shall act in the best interests of the Club. The Vice President is not an Officer of the Club but must be a paid up member. The Vice President holds no appointment to any committee by virtue of being a Vice President.
  4. The election to one of the positions of President will be confirmed only when the entire Committee have given their approval in writing to the Secretary.”
  5. A President is entitled to carry the letters VIP (Very Important Pig) after his Pot Belly name and this shall be recorded in the Register of Members Pot Belly Names maintained by the Membership Secretary. The date of the award shall also be noted.

7 Secretary

  1. The Secretary shall:
    1. be responsible for the calling of all General Meetings and Committee Meetings and shall, in the absence of a Club Administrator, keep proper minutes thereof distributing copies to all Committee Members within seven days of the meeting. For the avoidance of doubt, copies of the minutes of the Executive Committee Meetings shall be copied to all members of the Club Committee;
    2. conduct correspondence on behalf of the Club;
    3. maintain the Club records except the financial books and records;
    4. ensure that members are kept generally informed of all matters concerning Club activities;
    5. act as Chairman in the absence of the Chairman; and
    6. put in place arrangements to ensure that Ordinary Members can have access to the minutes of General Meetings.

8 Treasurer

  1. The Treasurer shall:
    1. keep full and accurate accounts of monies belonging to the Club;
    2. sign all cheques on behalf of the Club (Treasurer only) in conjunction with one of the three other nominated Club Committee members and generally have conduct of the Club’s bank accounts;
    3. collect all subscriptions, fees and other monies due to the Club;
    4. pay any debt resulting from authorised expenditure;
    5. produce to each committee meeting an up to date statement of the financial position of the Club;
    6. be responsible for ordering, and keeping financial records of all Club merchandise; and
    7. prepare and deliver at the Annual General Meeting a financial report of the past year and a statement of the Club accounts.
  2. The Treasurer may, subject to the approval of the Club Committee, be empowered to raise short-term loans not exceeding by value 50% of the membership subscriptions for the previous financial year.

9 Corporate Liaison Officer

  1. The Corporate Liaison Officer (“CLO”) shall:
    1. promote the good name of the Club with the aim of securing financial gains for the use of the Club;
    2. maintain a register of all sponsors and potential sponsors;
    3. liaise with primary and secondary sponsors; and
    4. produce to each Committee Meeting an up to date report of dealings with all sponsors or potential sponsors.
  2. The CLO shall not:
    1. accept or approve any payment or promise of payment to the Club without the prior approval of the Club Committee; or
    2. use or allow to be used the name of the Club neither for improper advertising nor for personal gain.

10 Club Captain

  1. In this rule the expression “Captain” shall include “Vice Captain” on those occasions when the Captain is unable to perform his or her duties.
  2. The Club Captain shall be responsible for the conduct of the players both on and off the field, shall captain the team on the field, and shall submit the Captain’s Report to the Annual General Meeting.

11 Social Secretary

  1. The Social Secretary shall:
    1. arrange regular social functions for and on behalf of the Club;
    2. liaise with the Secretary to circulate advance notice of all social functions to all members; and
    3. form such sub-committees comprising Club members to assist with social activities throughout the season as approved by the Club Committee.

12 Fixtures Secretary

  1. The Fixtures Secretary shall:
    1. oversee the general tour itineraries;
    2. be a contact point for tour organisers around the world and to maintain a list of contact details;
    3. chair the Tour Sub-Committee ensuring that at all times the interests of the Club are represented. In particular, by dealing promptly and efficiently with all third parties such as tour organisers, travel agents, etc.

13 Membership Secretary

  1. The Membership Secretary shall:
    1. make available to the Committee and general members, membership forms that have been approved by the Committee;
    2. collect from members and Committee members the annual membership fees;
    3. issue paid up members with the approved membership card;
    4. maintain a paid up membership list for members and ensure that an updated copy is available on the Pot Bellied Pigs Rugby Football Club website;
    5. ensure that all players on tour are paid up members and have paid the tour insurance fee or have signed an insurance opt out form;
    6. liase with the Webmaster to ensure that the Pot Belly Web based Emailing list is kept up to date;
    7. keep a register of official Pot Belly names and ensure that an updated copy is available on the Pot Bellied Pigs Rugby Football Club website.

14 Overseas Development Officer

  1. The Overseas Development Officer shall:
    1. be resident outside of Hong Kong
    2. promote the Club outside of Hong Kong , facilitating overseas members continued interest in the Club and attendance on tours.

15 Annual General Meeting

  1. The Club shall hold an Annual General Meeting within six months of the end of the Financial Year at such time and place as the Club Committee shall appoint.
  2. The members of the Club must be notified in writing (email being acceptable) at least seven days prior to the Annual General Meeting.
  3. The business of the Annual General Meeting shall be:
    1. to discuss the activities of the past year and to receive reports from:
      1. the Chairman;
      2. the Treasurer; and
      3. the Club Captain.
    2. to appoint an Auditor if so desired by the Club (appointment of an auditor not being mandatory);
    3. to elect the Officers of the Club for the ensuing year;
    4. to deal with such other business as the Chairman considers appropriate.

16 Special General Meetings

  1. The Club Committee, or not less than twelve Inaugural and Ordinary Members by written request to the Secretary, may call for a Special General Meeting to discuss any business matters of interest to the Club.
  2. A Special General Meeting shall possess and may exercise the functions of an Annual General Meeting.
  3. The members of the Club must be notified in writing (email being acceptable) at least seven days prior to the date of the Special General Meeting.

17 Quorum

  1. The quorum for an Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting shall be ten Inaugural, Ordinary or Life Members who have paid their membership fees and are either present at the meeting, or have requested the Secretary to cast their vote by proxy in accordance with instructions sent out with the notice of such meeting

18 Amendments to the Constitution

  1. The Constitution may be altered, rescinded or expanded by a resolution passed by at least two-thirds of those members present and entitled to vote at any General Meeting of the Club.

19 Liability

  1. The Club will not be responsible for and will not indemnify its members against injury loss or damage to person or property suffered by any member or other person during any game of rugby or other activity whatsoever in which the Club or the individual is a participant.
  2. The Club Committee is empowered to take out any additional insurance cover over and above that offered by the HKRFU that it considers necessary.

20 Termination of Membership

  1. The Club Committee may, when it considers that the interests and welfare of the Club so require, invite any class of Member to resign from membership of the Club.
  2. The membership of a member invited to resign shall be deemed terminated fourteen days after posting to him of a letter including such invitation to be sent to his last known correspondence address.
  3. A member invited to resign will not be entitled to the return of his or her annual subscription or any part thereof.
  4. An Inaugural or Ordinary Member whose subscription is three months in arrears may be struck off the register of members and thereafter his or her membership shall be deemed terminated.
  5. A member may resign his or her position by advising the Secretary in writing (email is acceptable) of his or her intention.

21 Winding Up

  1. The Club shall be dissolved if at any General Meeting of the Club a resolution to that effect is passed by at least three-fourths of those members present and eligible to vote.
  2. If the Club shall be dissolved, any surplus assets remaining after the satisfaction of all its liabilities shall be distributed to such charitable trust in Hong Kong as the members may direct. Any differences of opinion as to the meaning of any of the clauses of this Constitution shall be decided by the Club Committee. The funds and assets of the Club shall be solely applied to the Objects of the Club.

22 Financial Year

  1. The Financial Year of the Pot Bellied Pigs RFC will start on January 1 and conclude on December 31 each year.


The Symbol printed below shall be the official symbol of the Club.




  1. Updated clauses 22/2.1, 3/3.2, 15/15.1, 17/17.1 following AGM November 16, 2005

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