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Fatboy 10's

Pigs win Fatboy 10's

In our 10th year as a club, the Potbellied Pigs have won their first tournament Cup – the Fat Boys Tens IV!

The Pot Bellied Pigs Heavies beat the Manila Nomads 14-10 in the Cup Final..

The Potbellied Pigs “Heavies” team powered through their pool undefeated in the fourth year of our Inaugural, International, Invitational tournament in Angeles City, Philippines to earn a spot in the Cup semi final, blanking the Philippine Air Force, Alabang Ibon and Nomads Carabao. Matched against the Alabang Eagles in the semi, the Heavies continued their dominance, setting up a repeat of last year’s final, which was won by the Manila Nomads 10-7. This year’s addition was anther close-fought affair, but in a reverse decision, the Heavies came out on top 14-10. Needless to say, the Heavies were so excited about their momentous occasion that they could hardly contain their glee, but luckily for them, Angeles City provided ample opportunities for their glee to be released that evening.

This historic Piggies team was a solid unit made of talented athletes, all of whom gave their all on the weekend to forge this special result. A big and solid pack provided the muscle to secure the ball at set play and breakdown, while the speedy and skillful backline carved up the competition with nifty moves. Defense on the day was also superb, and several tough, try-saving tackles were seen all day, complementing the Pigs’ offensive might. Though many players had superb days on the pitch, such as leader of the pack and Captain on the day Mark Mullan as well as twin international centres Semi Iafeta and John ‘Bentos’ Bentley, the easy choice for tournament MVP was Gary O’Brien, given his multiple spectacular tires as well as his multiple pancake tackles, including his try-saving smash in the dying minutes of the final.

Congratulations must go to this historic Piggies team: Anson “PB Paris Hilton” Bailey, Doug Ah Poe, Gary O’Brien, Grey Chatham, Harry “PB Potter” Hughes, Jack “PB Badges” Bennett, John “PB Lady Boy” Bentley, Mark Goosen, Mark “PB Whoopee” Mullan, Nick “PB Magellan” McDonald, Rhys “PB Shite” Buckler, Semi “PB Bulldozer” Iafeta, Pinky Pengelly, Tarran Goodwin, Tim “PB Unlawful Entry” Haywood and Yves N’Gakoutou. Minimal ‘coaching’ on the day was provided by gimpy Club Captain John “PB Deliverance” Hamilton.

The Potbellied Pigs “Lites” team was not as lucky on the day- being assigned to the “Pool of Death” did not help their chances and they went through the pool winless. Led by Captain Alun Grassuck, the Lites came into their semi final hopeful of reversing their fortune and bringing home some hardware, and fought hard to this end, only to lose in the dying seconds of the semi. A brilliant five-phase certain try around the corner was blown back by the referee. Nonetheless the Lites recovered from their disappointment and could be seen celebrating that night with as much gusto as the Cup-toting Heavies.

Congratulations to the Lites players: Alun “PB Mussolini” Grassuck, Andy Howard, Boris “PB Natasha” Niethammer, Chiseen Lao, Christian “PB Castaway” Ott, Daniel Khor, Grey Chatham, Jason Dorfler, Jason Hoette, Bruce Mak, Mike “PB Drug Pusher” Hampton, Ray Leos, Richard Harris, Richard Kohinga, Robert Christie, Tim “PB Unlawful Entry” Haywood and Alex Yuen.

That night many voices went hoarse at the club watering hole Insomnia, which was closed down by the Piggies and their supporters. Many brilliant stories were told that night but some are forgotten… at the court session the next day at Sub-Delicious, several fines were meted out to veterans and rookies alike, and some of these fines were particularly heinous, and these are indelibly burned in the memory of PB Paris Hilton. Four new Piggie names were assigned: Rhys Buckler is now known as PB Shite, Semi Iafeta was dubbed PB Bulldozer, John ‘Bentos’ Bentley is now PB Lady Boy, and Paul Buxton has become PB Cherry Boy!

I would first like to thank our many sponsors for their generous support of the tournament, including Tanner DeWitt, Clariant, Overgaard, Insomnia, Sub-Delicious and the Canny Man. Without them, the tour could not have been such a resounding success!

I would also like to thank my fellow committee members for another momentous effort to bring it all together, especially through the most frustrating moments. I’d like to specially thank three Piggies: Mark “PB Mr. Whoopee” Mullan for doing an excellent job as Captain of the Heavies on the day; Nick “PB Magellan” McDonald, for taking up the charge to herd drunken cats at the Maharaja Hotel after the committee failed to appoint this task to anyone (sorry Nick!); and of course Bentos “PB Lady Boy” for traveling the furthest and entertaining us all at the tour dinner.

Lastly, thanks to all the Piggies players and tourists who joined the Fat Boys Tens tour this year and pitched in to make it a success. I hope that you enjoyed the weekend and I hope that you will plan to join us on a future Piggies tour, especially the Fat Boys Tens V in 2008!

Yours in Rugby-


PB Deliverance

Club Captain
Pot Bellied Pigs RFC, Hong Kong

Putting the PINK back into Rugby


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