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About Us

Mission & Vision

The Mission and Vision of the Pot bellied Pigs RFC is to

  1. Encourage, promote, participate in and provide opportunities for: -
    1. the playing of rugby union football outside Hong Kong;
    2. the playing of ad-hoc rugby union football within Hong Kong, including participation from time to time in the President’s league, or its equivalent, if approved by the Officers of the Club in Committee;
    3. the introduction to and coaching of the local residents of Hong Kong and other developing Asian rugby nations in the game of rugby union football; and
    4. the playing of such other games or sport as the Officers of the Club in Committee may from time to time approve.
  2. Put the Pink back into rugby.
  3. Be affiliated with the HKRFU whilst affiliation is beneficial to the Club.
  4. Provide social entertainment and functions in the furtherance of this Mission.
  5. Provide for any matters incidental to the Mission.

Bigger, Fatter, Heavier and More fun

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